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Board of Directors

Dr. Ricky Freeman, CEO and Pastor of Ebenezer Third Baptist Church
Dr. Marian Lavon Marshall, President
Attorney Wendell Smith, Vice-President
Mrs. Polly Street, Secretary
Ms. Jennifer Durst, Treasurer
Mr. Oliver Street, II
Mrs. Betty Jo Hudspeth
Ms. Tiffany White
Ms. Ria J. Griffin
Dr. Jennifer Adair

Dr. Adrienne Aldaco

Minister Luxjoria Spears

Mr. Terry E. Steele

DSC_0577 (1).JPG

Left to Right: Betty Jo Hudspeth (Board Member), Polly Street (Secretary), Jennifer Durst (Treasurer), Lavon Marshall (Board President),

Ria Griffin (Board Member), Tiffany White (Board Member),

Wendall Smith (Vice Chairman), Oliver Street, II (Board Member)

To contact the Board of Directors
email us:

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